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Bonnell Aluminum is North America’s premier manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions. For more than half of a century, our extruded aluminum profiles have been the prominent components for many product innovations and applications in the building and construction and industrial sectors. Through a commitment to customer excellence, Bonnell Aluminum’s production facilities serve many of our nation’s largest and most respected manufacturing companies through design solutions, unmatched extrusion capabilities and services.

The Carthage, Tennessee manufacturing facility is located 50 miles east of Nashville near Interstate 40.

Purposeful leadership is a staple of the Bonnell Aluminum culture in which demonstration of values and principles such as trust, respect, customer service, and process consistency are central ingredients of the “Bonnell Recipe”.  The Bonnell organization operates internally as a collaborative unit that openly engages the input and perspective of employees within the organization irrespective of Job Title, Job Grade, Job Description, or Subject Matter Expertise.  An example of this collaborative trait can be found when an outsider enters a Bonnell business meeting and observes the input and the dialogue offered by the meeting participants.  According to one of the company’s outside consultants  “…in a Bonnell meeting it is very difficult to determine which employees are from the IT, HR, Marketing, or the Operations function; because everyone offers a perspective on any and all segments of the business.”  This comment is an example of the collaboration and teamwork endemic of an organization that views its mission as a “team focused or team centric” versus an operating norm that emphasizes personal agenda’s or political motivations. 

We are proud to offer our employees: 

  • Paid Vacation 
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Dental Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • 401k 

Job Summary

This position has responsibility for directing and coordinating work activities of hourly employees who are responsible for  producing quality painted products in the most cost effective, productive, and safest manner possible. This position receives work priorities from higher level managers in the organization and will recommend or initiate personnel actions and administer Company policies for the department.


Job Responsibilities

 Incumbent will be responsible to be a team builder/leader; demonstrate ability to coach, train, motivate, and lead a group of employees in a Paint department.

Bonnell Aluminum is a premier manufacturer of Custom Aluminum Extrusions. We are a full service extruder with a Paint Line, Anodizing department, and a custom finishing department.



  •  High School Degree
  • Knowledge of Paint Line Processes and prior supervisory experience
  • Sound judgment with good problem solving skills
  • Good interpersonal skills, customer focused, and understanding of paint quality issues
  • Good planning, time management, and organization skills
  • Professional integrity with strong ethics and values
  • Excellent mechanical aptitude