Architectural Field Superintendent

Nashville, TN posted on February 1

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We have major jobs coming up that require a skilled superintendent/foreman for installation of exterior wall panels and products. We are looking for experienced foremen who have run crews on large jobs in high-paced environments.

A Superintendent provides the knowledge, guidance, experience and skills to manage the day-to-day operations of onsite construction projects. As Superintendent, you will be responsible for all production and installation aspects of the project including producing quality work that is within standards of both the project contract and our company, prepare for and maintain our company’s access to and presence on the job site within the guidelines of the project’s owners and/or contractor/construction manager, performing all work in the most timely and cost effective manner, and maintaining a work environment that is safe and consistently kept clean. As Superintendent, you will be acting as a representative of our company and will be held responsible for creating and maintaining a professional work environment that includes maintaining a positive atmosphere, promoting effective communication, facilitating problem solving and resolving any conflict that arises.

Job Responsibilities

  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the construction industry with a commercial contractor
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in wall construction
  • An understanding of the commercial construction market, methods and site work
  • A working knowledge of civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical work
  • Good written and verbal communication
  • Must not be afraid of heights
  • Proficiency with email, general technology and basic office and other industry related software
  • Understanding of project schedules and the ability to effectively adhere
  • Understanding of project budgeting and the ability to keep project costs within the perimeters of budgets
  • Understanding of change order management
  • Strong math, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work proactively, plan well and address potential problems promptly
  • Ability to build effective teams, coach and mentor employees
  • Capable of creating collaboration in an environment of diverse perspectives
  • Organized with attention to detail and ability to communicate that organization
  • Up to date on new industry trends and practices, safety requirements and regulations of employment
  • Willingness to participate in industry and networking events when called for


  • Manage day-to-day activities in the field to ensure milestones and overall project schedules are met
  • Create you own short term project schedules to ensure proper onsite materials, equipment, labor needs, etc. and communicate those needs when necessary
  • Maintain a work culture that values quality, safety, respect and order
  • Verifying and ensuring that all work is performed to the standards of quality set by John W. McDougall Co., Inc.
  • Inspect or obtain inspections to ensure the quality of physical work are fully documented
  • Ensure our worksite, labor and all aspects of the project are compliant with contract terms and legal requirements of the location where our work is being performed
  • Administer all worksite programs required by contract terms and requested by customers such as quality control, safety, etc.
  • Conduct and attend pre-construction, progress and other project meetings required by both the customers and John W. McDougall Co., Inc.
  • Meet with customers or their representatives regularly to discuss project status, identify potential problems and create resolutions
  • Ensure that all work is being performed within the established project budget
  • Manage punch list and project closeout process to assure completion
  • Create daily paperwork such as labor time, field reports, schedule updates, material/equipment requisitions, and email correspondence
  • Communicate with supporting work groups such as purchasing, HR, payroll, safety, project manager, etc. to ensure each group has proper time to accommodate your needs for all aspects of the jobsite
  • Mange workloads to include proper training, mentoring and follow up
  • Facilitate and participate in staff seeking professional development

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive Pay and full benefits available